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ninjafalcomon's Journal

Hi I am NinjaFalcomon and I enjoy many things.
As of current I enjoy collecting Pokemon and Digimon related stuff.My favorite pokemon are the Charmander family line and Eevee'and it's evolutions(Especially Umbreon!).My favorite Digimon are Tailmon and her evolutions, Greymon and Metalgreymon,Garurumon and his evolutions,V-mon and his armour evolutions, Hawkmon and his evolutions, Wormmon.
and I will finish here.
Till next time! ^_^
I collect :
credits to Hassy (sistaofpeace1) of tales_symphonia for making these nice icons(Corrine icon)
anime, anime eg.fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, cats and tigers, collecting, collecting: pokemon related-merchandise, dragon ball/z/gt etc, eg.naruto, fanfiction, favorite animals: wolves, foxes, friends, fullmetal alchemist., japanese music, manga, reading manga